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Business module

Transaction Module

Service rates will be considered based on the transaction worked

FTE Module:

We provide service for our customer who are in need for certain bandwidth to handle a particular function. Our team has expertise in eligibility verification, charge posting, payments, AR, & EDI where we deploy approved resources
Market per staff rate: Between $1350 - $1800
We AFS (Accelerated Financial Solutions) Rate - $1100/-

Contingency Module:

Purely based on collections.
Service rates will be based on contract following which our team will be responsible for delivering per agreement for each function (Collection Based)

Only RCM services:

This will be based on agreed percentage of collection for a provider, in this type of work module we will utilize the software's which provider is already using to provide the services which will include

a) Billing of claims
b) Working on clearing house rejects
c) Posting the payments
d) Working on Denials/correspondence (Excluding coding denials)
e) Working on Coding denials (if coding is in the contract)
Note: We can provide coding support with certified coders. Contract rates will increase accordingly.
Rate: 8% of overall collections for a provider